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5 x Top Reasons why Fishing Clubs are using Clubmate

5 x Top Reasons why Fishing Clubs are using Clubmate

1) Save time for volunteers

Removal of paperwork and labour intensive processes helps dramatically reduce the workload for volunteers. Clubmate does the heavy lifting, meaning club volunteers can monitor rather than administer. Less admin = more fishing!

2) Attract & convert new members

If you are looking to attract and convert a diverse range of anglers in to members, catering for all generations is key.

Not all members will want to join a club online but not all members will want to join a club join via old fashioned methods either. The good news is that it’s not a case of deciding between one or the other.

Clubmate provides you with the tools to accept new memberships via traditional paper forms as well as online registrations, ensuring your club remains inclusive for all.

3) Keep existing members for longer

On average, fishing clubs in the UK lose over 25% of members each year. Yes, they may win some back from other clubs but the member attrition rate is still pretty high and also avoidable. Some members might move away, some might decide they want to try new waters however a lot of the time, it’s simply because it’s just too much hassle to renew.

If you offer good fishing, keep members engaged and make it easy for members to stay, guess what? They will!

Whilst Clubmate obviously cannot improve your waters, it does provide you with the tools to communicate and engage with your members more effectively. And when it comes to renewal time, Clubmate makes it simple for member to renew & pay at their convenience.

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4) Encourage new volunteers to help out

If the burden of volunteering out-weighs the passion for helping out, it’s less likely that a volunteer is going to want to get involved or stick around.

By automating the mundane manual tasks, Clubmate makes the role of volunteering far simpler and therefore more enjoyable. Rather than being bogged down with paperwork, volunteers can spend more of their time helping to develop the club, which naturally makes the role more appealing. They can also spend more time fishing!

5) Increase chance of survival

Too many clubs operate with quirky, unique processes that have been created to suit specific individuals.

Whilst these processes may work brilliantly for that specific volunteer, what would happen should they fall ill or get knocked down by a bus? Could someone else pick up the reins? Is the club’s data accessible? Is there a contingency plan?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘not sure’ or ‘don’t know’ then your club is at risk.

Clubmate enables a club to operate with a uniformed system that can be picked up and accessed by multiple committee members in real time.

By using an intuitive system that has been designed to work for all fishing clubs, it becomes significantly easier to share the workload and hand over responsibilities when a committee member can no longer fulfil their duties or decides to step down.

Update training is also available, helping new committee members get up to speed in no time. Clubmate keeps your club running whatever happens.

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