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Clubmate is all-in-one Fishery management system that takes the work out of selling tickets, managing memberships & protecting your venue

Trusted by 1500+ fishery managers, bailiffs, committee members and volunteers

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All in one Fishery management software

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork, back-and-forth phone calls and time spent on thankless tasks with Clubmate, the leading fishery management software solution.

Whether it’s selling day tickets, managing memberships, bailiffing your waters or taking payments – Clubmate has all the tools you need to simplify the running of your venue, whilst generating more income.

Automate repetitive tasks and spend less time at your desk and more time on the things that matter.

  • 24/7 online bookings that you’re in control of
  • Manage your venue from anywhere with the Clubmate App
  • Accept online & offline memberships
  • Angler check-in tools
  • Make data-driven decisions with actionable insights
  • One workspace for all the whole team – including Bailiffs

“We wanted a system so we could run everything in one place, we can monitor what’s going on, from the banking side of things and knowing what’s coming into the business it makes things so much easier.”

Luke Cox,

Fisheries Manager – Bristol Water Fisheries

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Clubmate online bookings


Be available 24/7, on your terms

Forget endless ringing phones and interruptions. Let your customers, members & visitors check availability, book and pay online 24/7 without you having to lift a finger (or phone). Easy as that.

Remain in control at all times, manage availability on the go and ban any unwanted anglers from making future bookings.

Accept bookings online or in person, whichever works best for you and your customers.

  • Manage online & offline availability from a single diary
  • Stay in control and automatically stop selling spaces once you’ve reached your limit
  • Allow Anglers to pre-select the swim or boat of their choice
  • Flexible scheduling rules & logic to suit your venue
  • Ban unwanted anglers
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Membership management, sorted

Whether your members renew on a fixed date or on the anniversary of when they join, Clubmate automates the process so you’ll spend less time on admin.

Accept one off or recurring payments by card or direct debit and cash payments for offline payments too. Member payments are automatically reconciled against their record, keeping you informed of who has paid (and who hasn’t!).

All member data is available to access online, from anywhere. Restricted access is also available via our dedicated Bailiff App.

  • Move away from spreadsheet headaches and centralise all member data in one secure online database.
  • Empower members to maintain their own details securely online
  • Capture & store custom information from your members
  • Share member data across the team in real time
  • Digital proof of membership
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The Clubmate app



iOS and Android

  • Manage your venue at anytime, from anywhere
  • Access up to date information at the click of a button
  • Process memberships, sell tickets and increase revenue on the go
  • Reduce your workload and share access with approved staff members


iOS and Android

  • Eliminate doubt and verify anglers details, instantly
  • Check in anglers on the go
  • Take payment on the spot
  • Bailiffs have restricted access to angler data (GDPR)


iOS and Android

  • Give anglers the power to book on, whenever it suits them
  • Encourage repeat business by making it easy for anglers to book your venue
  • Send instant communications with Push notifications
  • Sell additional products, offer promotions and choose 3rd party advertising

Man holds a freshly caught carp at SWS fisheries.
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“I honestly don’t know why you wouldn’t want to use an app-based system considering the world we now live in and how time-consuming, costly and stressful it is to produce paper tickets!

Thanks to Clubmate for making my life easier. This really is a great business and we are grateful to be working with you.”

Aidan Setford, SWS Fisheries


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Payments made simple

Accept payments online and in-person with our flexible payment options.

Clubmate provides a simple process for anglers to buy tickets, renew memberships, book matches and purchase products, securely online from any device, 24/7.

And for anglers who still prefer to pay on the day, you can easily record these into the system using our powerful Point Of Sale tool  – the more options you offer, the faster you’ll be paid.

  • Accept online payments by debit card, credit card and direct debit.
  • Empower Bailiffs to process bankside payments by card and cash.
  • Payments are automatically reconciled against each customer record.
  • Sell add-on products such as bait, rod hire, lifejackets and more
  • Take once off or recurring payments
Clubmate communication tool


Built-in marketing and communication tools

Reach new customers, drive repeat business, and build relationships with our powerful, built-in marketing and communication tools.

Be in your customers’ pockets 24/7 with the Clubmate app – designed to make rebooking with you as easy as possible, whenever they want.

With all of your contacts stored within the Clubmate database, you’ll be able to send out fishing reports, newsletters, promotions and more via email, text or push notification. If you’re low on bookings, use Clubmate to identify customers who haven’t visited for a while and entice them back with a special offer.

  • Let customers repeat book in seconds with the Clubmate App
  • Send individual or group messages via email, text or push notification
  • Use automation tools to send messages based on angler activity
  • Identify lost customers and win them back
  • Fill empty swims on quiet days with promotional offers
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Dedicated Bailiff Tools

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Make data-driven decisions

Focus your time and budget on what’s working best with real-time, actionable insights into how your fishery is performing, how often your anglers visit and more.

Our easy-to-use reports give you precious insights into the health of your business and provide much needed transparency of your financials.

You’ll get reports on membership, product & ticket sales at the click of a button. And if you want to print them off, you can do that too.

  • Track attendance, repeat business and customer lifetime value
  • Discover where your anglers are coming from
  • Gain total transparency of your fisheries receivables
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“What I love most is the fact I can see all upcoming bookings in advance via my phone and customers can check availability in advance, allowing them to book and pay before they arrive.”

Mark Redpath, Purple Badger Fishing Lakes


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Fast, simple check-in

Whether you want customers to check themselves in, allow bailiffs to do it on the bank or manually check them in at reception, Clubmate gives you the tools to eliminate long queues and keep staff stress levels down.

Go one step further and provide secure access to your waters by connecting Clubmate with your access gates. With access control, only authorised anglers will be able to access your waters. If they haven’t paid, they’re not getting in! The system will auto-check them in on arrival too.

Our dedicated Check-in welcome screen offers your customers an easy-to-use and convenient solution to avoid waiting in line at reception or waiting for a bailiff to check them in.

  • One click check in for Bailiffs and staff
  • Self-service check-ins for customers with our dedicated welcome screen
  • Keep track of attendance and no-shows
  • Ideal for day tickets, memberships and tracking match attendance
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Secure, staff-free access

Provide secure access to your waters by connecting Clubmate with your access gates. With access control, only authorised anglers will be able to access your waters. If they haven’t paid, they’re not getting in!

Your gate will need power and a good internet signal but you’ll be able to wave goodbye to gate pin changes and faulty padlocks!

  • Ensure only authorised anglers are allowed in 24/7
  • Upgrade your ID cards with RFID chip technology or offer PIN access
  • Allow your gates to sync with Clubmate in real-time and monitor who accesses your facility and when
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All of our powerful features


Clubmate App
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Online Bookings
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In-person bookings
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Booking Bans
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Membership Management
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Online Memberships
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Waiting List Management
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Open & Closed Memberships
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Till & Point of Sale
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Online Payments
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Bankside Payments
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Manual Offline Payments
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Dedicated Bailiff Access
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Multi-Level User Access
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Health & Safety Questionnaire
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GDPR Compliance Tools
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Marketing Tools
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Message Automation
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Single & Group Messaging
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Email, Push Notifications & SMS
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Sales & Financial Reporting
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Access Control
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Stripe Integration
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GoCardless Integration
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Day Tickets
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Match Bookings
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Member Only Bookings
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Photo ID Card Service
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Check-in Tools
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Bankside Check-In
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Self-Service Check-In
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Audit Trail
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Website Integration
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Branding Options
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Custom Fields
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Castbooker Integration
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