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Angling Cymru & Clubmate announce partnership

Angling Cymru has agreed on a new partnership with Clubmate: an online membership management and booking system designed to help clubs and fisheries reduce burdensome administration tasks, retain existing members and attract new joiners.

The intuitive, easy to use software solution has been created specifically for angling clubs and fisheries. Online joining & membership renewals, digital payment options, electronic day & guest tickets and bailiff access to restricted member data are just some of the extensive features on offer.

Clubmate already works with many fishing clubs across Wales, so partnering with Angling Cymru allows for even more clubs to get started and benefit from the time-saving tools that Clubmate has to offer.

“Clubmate provides an excellent solution, which many of our member clubs have already benefited from. Most people expect to be able to sign up and pay online instantly and angling is no different.” – Dr John O’Connor, Chairman of Angling Cymru.

Many volunteers spend an enormous amount of time on club admin; particularly on processing memberships, sending out communications and collecting membership payments. Running an angling club shouldn’t be a burden, although many committee members find themselves spending more time doing the paperwork than fishing themselves.

Owen Chapman, founder of Clubmate says: “Our goal has always been to help make it easier for more people to go fishing, more often. Whether that’s through making it easier for a new angler to join their first club, helping an experienced angler try out a new venue or freeing up time for a volunteer to spend some time on the water themselves. We already work with many clubs across Wales but there is so much more for us to do. I believe that working in partnership with Angling Cymru we will be able to tear down the barriers of entry into the sport and make angling in Wales more accessible for all.”

Aggregated, non-personal data will also provide a rich source of intelligence for Angling Cymru, creating the NGB’s first real-time picture of participation levels. This will enable Angling Cymru to create bespoke development programmes, helping attract under- represented groups of people into the sport. It will also provide the evidence required for further government funding, helping to safeguard the sport’s future.

“To ensure a sustainable future for angling in Wales, we need to adapt to the times. Joining a club or booking a day out fishing needs to be simple and hassle-free, and that’s exactly what Clubmate provides. We’re excited to see this partnership underway and are grateful to the Clubmate team for their generous 20% discount for member clubs” – Dr John O’Connor, Chairman of Angling Cymru.

From today, all angling clubs affiliated with Angling Cymru will receive a 20% discount when they sign up with Clubmate.

If you’re involved with running a fishing club or fishery and would like to find out more about Clubmate and how it can help your club, call 0333 987 4677 or email

You can also access more info on the Angling Cymru website.


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