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Crystal Palace Angling Association

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Saved time on member admin, shared workload with other club officials, improved data security, modernised club processes & safeguarded the long term future of the club

Crystal Palace Angling Association - Our Story

Established in 1924 we are a small club of only 300 members. And up until now all 300 religiously paid in each year manually, members had to come to our clubhouse and pay their membership fees, which involved me (Hugh Boyle) carrying significant amounts of cash in public places, which I was never comfortable with and very high risk.

The recording of payments whether it be cash or cheques all had to be recorded manually, member renewals involved stamping each members membership book and each member had to sometimes queue for up to an hour in the rain in order to complete the renewal process.

CPAA lake when raining

In addition to the security concern, the system we used was basically an excel spreadsheet and wholly reliant on myself to record and keep safe all records of personal data, payments received etc. A very time consuming and laborious task.

Recruitment of new members was also a task which cost me a lot of time and would take weeks to complete. The biggest risk we faced was if anything happened to me, the club would have no access to membership data or banking.

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Moving in to the 21st Century

I decided things had to change and our club needed to move into the 21st Century. I made an announcement that the method of payment would have to change, we needed to go online and move to a simpler process.

To be honest members were constantly asking me when this would happen, complaining our system was antiquated, I had to agree.

I started looking on the net for a solution that could be tailored to our needs, I found loads of sites claiming to manage club memberships, but most of these were designed with sports clubs and golf clubs. Then Eureka! I found Clubmate.

Not only could they a database suited to our requirements they were approved by the Angling Trust.

I made the call and arranged a demo with Owen Chapman (Clubmate Founder) who kindly came to my home to show me what the database could do, I was very impressed.

The only thing now was to get my committee approval to give me the go ahead!

CPAA lake

Winning over the Committee

To support me, I arranged a special meeting. And Owen kindly came and showed the other committee members what Clubmate could do for us, I needn’t have worried they were all as impressed as I was.

Owen and his team very quickly got to work configuring the system for our club. They are a highly professional team who know and understand our clubs needs and had the solutions.

So, if you’re considering changing the way you do things give Clubmate a call, arrange a demonstration, you will not regret it, and if you are the sole administrator, it will lessen your workload immensely, and maybe you too could sleep at night and go fishing!


Hugh Boyle, Crystal Palace Angling Association
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If you’d like to learn more about Clubmate and how it could benefit your fishing club, please get in touch (we don’t bite!):

0333 987 4677

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Crystal Palace Angling Association


Approx 300 (capped)




Hugh Boyle



Time consuming member admin

Security concerns over handling cash

Unable to securely share real-time member data with other Club officials

Payment reconciliation

Data entry errors & hardware failure

Over reliance on individual volunteers good will

No back up plan should committee members leave

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