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Brynmill & District Angling Club


Increased income & membership numbers by 50%, significantly reduced the amount of manual labour involved in signing up new members, members can now join & pay online as well as in tackle shops.

Brynmil & District Angling Club - Our Story

Brynmill Angling Club was formed just after the 1st World War and was granted its first lease on Brynmill Park Lake in 1927. They run two Coarse Fisheries in the Swansea Enterprise Park that caters for Pleasure, Specimen and Match anglers. The Fendrod Lake occupies an area of 13 acres and has a good head of Carp up to just over 30 pounds in weight, Bream into double figures, and smaller Roach, Rudd and Perch. The Half Round Ponds occupies a half-acre site behind Dobbies Garden Centre is a mixed fishery with Roach, Rudd, Carp, Tench Perch and Crucian Carp.

The Club has spent thousands of hours and pounds on improving and developing these fisheries and now provides coarse fishing for Pleasure, Match & Carp anglers.

Brynmill & District Angling Club

Before we got started with Clubmate, running our club involved a lot of manual labour.

We sold permits at two local tackle shops; supplying them with the membership forms and a camera to take photos for the ID cards. Every few months I’d go to each shop and collect copies of the permit forms and move the ID card photos from the camera to my laptop at home. Then, I’d create a monthly spreadsheet with the new members’ details which would then be sent to the printers with their photos for the ID cards to be printed and shipped to each member. At the time, we had an average of 300 members per year, so It was a time-consuming, expensive process for us.

Our members didn’t have one central place that they could go to for information. We had a club website, but it was very basic and outdated so it was barely used. 

Any membership fees were paid in cash, so on top of organising memberships and getting ID cards printed & shipped, we had to take the cash to the bank each month. The amount of time we were spending on admin simply wasn’t practical – we needed an end-to-end solution that solved all of our problems.

The solution we were looking for.

Once we found Clubmate, we didn’t look at any other options. After a quick look at their website, it was clear that their system could help us. The online payments function was immediately the most attractive feature because it’s a far simpler way of selling permits and

memberships compared to our usual method of paper forms and spreadsheets. They even offered a website building service, so we could update everything at the same time and use it as a fresh start for the operations side of the club.

The only barrier I faced was getting the cost approved by our committee, but when we took into account the printing costs and logistics of how we were running the club before, there wasn’t much of a disparity in price anyway.

Brynmill & District Angling Club

We’ve increased our memberships by 50% thanks to Clubmate.

Clubmate does everything we need it to and has massively simplified the way we run the club. Everything is online and in one place, which makes the joining process painless for our members and the management process straightforward for our committee.

Our club now looks more professional and we’ve received many compliments from our members on the new website and how easy it is for them to purchase permits & day tickets. We’re still selling some memberships through tackle shops and we can still reconcile that in Clubmate, which is great.

The software is only getting better and better with time too. More and more features are getting added that help to streamline the process of running an angling club, including the introduction of the Bailiff App which is an excellent feature that we use regularly on our banks.

Clubmate’s team is professional and are always on hand to help with any queries or questions we might have. We’ve been very pleased with the whole experience of getting started with them.

Would we recommend Clubmate?

For any clubs that are thinking about getting started with Clubmate, I would highly recommend it. I’ve already recommended the software to several other angling clubs because it makes running the administration side of the club so much simpler for everyone involved. The benefits far outweigh the costs and it’ll even help you grow the club and generate more revenue – our membership numbers and income have increased by 50% in a single year as a result of using Clubmate.

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If you’d like to learn more about Clubmate and how it could benefit your fishing club, please get in touch (we don’t bite!):

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Brynmill & District Angling Club


400+ members


Fenrod Lake, Half Round Ponds


Steve Herman


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Outdated website

Joining and renewing memberships involved too much manual work

Spending too much time on club admin

Only able to accept payments in cash

Interested in becoming a member of BDAC?

Brynmill & District Angling Association have a small number of Winter Night Permits available that you can purchase via their website.