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Bury & District Angling Society


Provided a means of collecting payments online, now able to offer online joining and ticket sales, enabled the club to go cashless.

Bury & District Angling Society - Our Story

Bury District Angling Society currently consists of six different waters within the club for our members to enjoy. These waters consist of Crompton’s Lodge, Big and Little Carcass, Field Lodge, Island Lodge and Cartwheel. We’re currently in the middle of a major redevelopment of our club waters, introducing new pegs and pathways along as well as a new fishery management plan.

Bury & District Angling Society and Clubmate

We wanted to be a zero-cash club.

Before introducing Clubmate at the club, I found it hard to keep up to date with membership numbers and figures from each of our different categories. We didn’t want to handle cash anymore due to security and workload reasons and storing cash at the club isn’t ideal; I didn’t have time to keep collecting the cash and run down to the bank to deposit it.

Cash payments also made it difficult to keep track of who had bought memberships, who had bought tickets and which anglers were still left to pay since I had to manually reconcile everything. I realised quickly that selling memberships online was the way to move forward, but there were no resources available to us at the time to make it happen.

Why we chose Clubmate.

We heard of Clubmate through the Angling Trust, and saw that a few angling clubs were using them. The online payments feature was immediately attractive to us.

They showed us how to collect payments online in our demo of the software and the fact that everything is automatically reconciled would save us so much time. There’s the ability to create multiple different types of memberships and tickets online, meaning we’d be able to get accurate figures for the different angler groups every time.

I had no reservations about signing up since there’s no setup fee and their pay-as-you-go plan means we were only charged per member added. Even just based on our initial conversation, I felt that BDAS was in good hands with Clubmate.

Running BDAS is simpler than ever.

The biggest benefit we’ve experienced since implementing Clubmate is the fact that we’re now a cashless club. It makes accounting so much easier, which is certainly what I needed after juggling running the club with a full-time job for so long!

We now have our mobile-friendly online portal for new anglers to join the club and buy match tickets online. It has a club page that we can use to update everyone on what’s happening at the club, which is especially useful while we undergo redevelopment of the waters. We can customise how the portal looks and it’s simple enough that a computer novice like me can update it and make changes whenever we need to. It’s great not having to rely on one sole tech-savvy person to keep it up to date.

Clubmate were in direct contact with us during the initial setup stages and helped us iron out any initial questions we had. Their support is fast and everything is explained to us in a way that we understand as people that are not typically used to technology.

Would we recommend Clubmate?

I would one hundred per cent recommend Clubmate. It takes the hassle out of membership sales by managing the process online and it looks professional from the anglers’ side too. If you’re toying with the idea of using Clubmate, sign up for their pay-as-you-go plan because there’s no cost until you start adding members and collecting money.

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If you’d like to learn more about Clubmate and how it could benefit your fishing club, please get in touch (we don’t bite!):

0333 987 4677


Bury & District Angling Club


60+ members


Six waters consisting of Crompton’s Lodge, Big and Little Carcass, Field Lodge, Island Lodge and Cartwheel.


Luke Theaker


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Struggled to keep track of payments

Wanted to go cashless

Unable to manage memberships online

Secretary trying to run the club while working a full-time job

Interested in becoming a member of BDAS?

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