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Chard Angling Club


Provided a more efficient way to collect payments, empowered members to take control of their angling experience, more established online presence, significantly reduced secretary workload.

Chard Angling Club - Our Story

Chard Angling Club was formed to support local anglers keen on pleasure fishing and competing in organised fishing matches. The club has fishing rights for Chard Reservoir, Perry Street Pond and Sadborow Pond. The Club is run by a committee that manages and maintains the venues, organises matches and maintains fish stock levels.

Running the club was very hectic.

Running Chard Angling Club was very hectic and I found it near impossible to keep track of everything. I had to manage paper-based renewals, in which our members would have to complete membership forms and send them to us via post with a cheque that I’d then need to take to the bank. Then, I’d need to manually keep track of who’s actually paid to renew; this process fell victim to human error more often than not.

After reflecting on all of the responsibilities I had – engaging with members, maintaining the venue and so on – I realised it wasn’t sustainable for things to continue this way. In fact, it was probably limiting the club’s growth. I needed a system of some sort that would dramatically decrease my workload and allow me to focus more on the club and its members rather than paperwork and chasing payments.

Clubmate and Chard Angling Club

Why we chose Clubmate.

I’d heard about Clubmate from some other angling clubs and how it had helped them solve similar problems to the ones I was having, so I reached out to them and organised an online demo of the software.

It was certainly great to see that Clubmate is run by a team that are keen anglers themselves. They’re familiar with what it’s like being on an angling committee and so completely understood that in those low moments it sometimes feels like a thankless task!

The software itself seemed simple to use and most importantly, addressed each of the issues I was having. It would allow me to collect payments online as well as through traditional means and have a searchable online database of all of our members and their details. Just having payments, membership details, member information and communications in one place instead of using several different systems would make a world of difference for our club.

Although I knew Clubmate was the solution we needed, I was concerned about getting sign-off from the rest of the committee because few of us had experience using online software and so I worried if learning a brand new system would be a big ask for them.

Clubmate has been a godsend.

In short, Clubmate has been a godsend. Just being able to create memberships and update member details with a click of a button is so helpful. The fact that online payments are self-managed by our members using the Angler App is brilliant – our anglers can go online to renew their memberships and purchase day & match tickets whenever they like. But Clubmate even goes a step further and allows us to take card payments on the bank with the Bailiff App, so we can grow the club on the go and stay on top of the small number of anglers that are using the venue without paying. We don’t need to keep hold of card information because it’s all stored securely by the payment providers. The payments features alone have significantly reduced my workload.

Clubmate also has a web chat that we can use if ever we have any questions and the response times are second to none. Any questions or concerns are dealt with straight away and they even share help guides with us so that we can help ourselves.

They also offer a website building service which we snapped up, mainly because our club didn’t have much of an online presence. Now anglers can Google the name of our club and our website is top of the search results, people can find out everything they need to know about us and even join online if they aren’t yet a member. It makes us look so much more professional and it’s a much more convenient experience.

Would we recommend Clubmate to other clubs?

I would most definitely recommend Clubmate to other angling clubs! If you’re not using it already then you need to – you’ll never look back. 

If you or your committee are a bit unsure about using an online angling club management tool, my advice would be to just get started. The ease of use will blow you away and you won’t regret it one bit. 

Keep up the good work, Clubmate!

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