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East Mayo Anglers Association


Saved time on admin, now able to sell memberships, day and week tickets online & collect payment securely, provided a more efficient way of producing member ID cards.

East Mayo Anglers Association - Our Story

East Mayo Anglers was established in 1929. We’re a very extensive fishery with over nine miles of fishing on the River Moy which is internationally famous for its excellent salmon fishing (particularly in May and June). We have a designated area of fly-fishing and we also boast a newly erected facility for disabled anglers.

Our waters incorporate some of the finest fly fishing runs and natural holding pools on the system and offer a variety of fishing to the angler, including fly, spinning and worming.

Convenient free parking is available at various locations along the river. Daily and weekly permits can be purchased online, from our office in Swinford or several nearby tackle shops.

EMAA use Clubmate

We were spending too much time on club admin.

Before we discovered Clubmate, running our angling association was so time-consuming. The majority of our time was spent doing admin, from manually keeping track of our memberships to hand-writing out permits for our waters. 

At the time, we only accepted cash payments because we didn’t have a means of taking membership payments online. This was very time consuming but also meant we ended up holding a lot of cash at the club which wasn’t ideal for many reasons.

Eventually, we realised that we needed to make being a member of our club and buying a day permit as convenient as possible for anglers. We wanted a solution that would tick that box, as well as making internal operations run more smoothly too.

East Mayo Anglers Association

Why we chose Clubmate.

When we first heard about Clubmate, we were attracted to the fact that the system was designed specifically with fishing clubs in mind. Seeing the various things that Clubmate could do was very impressive. It manages things like selling day permits, weekly permits along with facilitating photographic membership cards, plus it kept all of our member data in one secure place.

Initially, we were a little nervous about switching to an online system because we had little experience in using club management software but I have to say, it was relatively easy to get the hang of. Owen was a tremendous help and supported us the whole way through the transition and continues to check in with us to see if there’s anything we need help with.

The level of support available is excellent, nothing is ever too much trouble.

Angling at EMAA

The perfect solution for our angling association.

Now I can find out how many members have paid at the touch of a button. It’s so much more efficient than rifling through paperwork every time I want to see who has paid and who hasn’t!

When members want to renew their memberships, they can do so from the comfort of their own homes instead of travelling down to our office.

We’ve probably saved a fortune on paper and printing costs thanks to online joining (which is better for us and the environment!) and we’re now holding minimal cash on-site because the majority of our members now prefer to manage their memberships online.

Would we recommend Clubmate?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend Clubmate. Switching to a new way of doing things naturally takes some time to get used to, but once you‘ve made the transition you’ll see how worthwhile it is. Using their system will save you so much time.

If you’re thinking of getting started with Clubmate, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

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East Mayo Anglers' Association


East Mayo Anglers Association


400 members


Nine miles of the River Moy


Kathleen Ward


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Managing the club was time-consuming

Permits were hand-written

No method of collecting payments online

Holding too much cash at the club

Wanted to make things more convenient for their anglers

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