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Clubmate & The Pike Anglers Club

Clubmate is excited to be working with The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain; helping them regain control of their club admin and giving them more time to focus on growing their initiative.

About The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain

The PAC was established almost fifty years ago for anglers who want to stop the persecution of Pike in British waters. Unlike most other fishing clubs in the UK, The PAC does not hold a portfolio of water which anglers can purchase a membership to fish at. Instead, they offer a fishery with approximately thirty miles of fishing, including coarse fishing along the Lancaster Canal.

“Over the years, the PAC has gone from strength to strength; you only have to look at the number of Pike in magazines and on social media to see what a great job the PAC has done in promoting the species as a valuable cog in the natural environment,” says Dave Harrison, membership secretary at The Pike Anglers Club.

Their purpose is to protect Pike fishing and offer guidance on how anglers can fish for the species safely, ranging from offering guides to running conventions complete with coaching sessions, guest speakers and trade stands.

Clubmate is proud to work with The Pike Anglers Club and provide the management tools they need so that they can focus on their mission. Here’s what they have to say about working with us.

The Pike Anglers Club gather for their annual convention.

The PAC & Clubmate

“Like many angling clubs, the PAC relies on a dedicated group of volunteers to provide direction and manage the administration involved with running an angling club. With so many different platforms to manage, resources are spread very thinly and the membership function was labour-intensive and costly to manage,” says Dave Harrison.

“The PAC looked into Clubmate as a way of improving the membership process as well as bringing the club up to date. The team at Clubmate made the transition smooth and we were up and running before the PAC annual Convention and the start of the traditional pike fishing season in Autumn 2023.”

“The ‘auto-renewal’ option will no doubt help membership numbers grow in the future and make life easier for members to rejoin. The benefits of Clubmate have already been felt by the membership team at the PAC and a significant sum has been saved on the ever-increasing postage costs. Dare I say that it has even enabled a bit more time for them to go fishing!”

“As with all new systems, there is a bit of leg work to ensure that the existing club data is accurate and in the correct format, but you reap what you sow and the fruits of our labour are already beginning to bear fruit. The flexibility of the Clubmate system has meant that we can tailor some functions to meet our needs.”

“So overall, we are really pleased with the transition to Clubmate and would recommend it to other angling clubs.”


If you’d like to join The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain or want to encourage your own club members to join, visit their website for more information.

Wondering if Clubmate would make a difference to your angling club, syndicate or fishery? Get in touch with a member of our team and they’ll be happy to help.

Don’t have time for a one-on-one demo? Take advantage of our on-demand demo of Clubmate at a time that suits you. Book a slot here.

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